Seven Powerful Career Coaching Questions to Ask Yourself

Seven Powerful Career Coaching Questions to Ask Yourself

A few months ago I was spinning my professional wheels. I had a few long-term career goals, but they were fuzzy, unspecific. I struggled to take action because, without clarity, I may as well have been shooting at a moving target while wearing a blindfold. I felt completely stuck.

As an executive coach, I’m embarrassed to say how long I struggled with this vicious cycle before I finally admitted that I needed assistance. I needed someone to help me redefine my goals and create an action plan. I needed a sounding board. I needed an accountability partner. I needed someone to help me get unstuck. I needed…a coach.

There’s no question that a coach can be an invaluable partner throughout you professional life, whether you’re changing jobs, setting challenging goals, taking on a new position, or searching for more work-life balance.

Maybe you’re facing a career transition and you would benefit from working with a coach, but financial or time restraints make it an unrealistic option at this time. Here are seven powerful career coaching you can ask yourself in the meantime:

  1. Meaning/purpose: List the top ten things in life that give you joy. What common themes do you notice?
  2. Identifying strengths: What are three accomplishments you are most proud of?
  3. Identifying core values: Think about times that you have gotten angry/upset/irritated. What core personal value(s) were not being met?
  4. Setting goals: If you did nothing else in the next year, what three things would still make the year a success for you?
  5. Taking action: Who is the one person you admire the most? What would that person advise you to do?
  6. Getting unstuck: What research could you do to help you find a solution to this issue?
  7. Overcoming self-doubt: What would happen in your career if we doubled your self-belief? What if we quadrupled it?


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