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Congratulations for making the decision to invest in yourself and in building your career! I look forward to our coaching journey! Life and career transformation coaching provides you with the structure and tools you need to reach your personal and professional goals through a process of accountability. Transformational coaching increases your self-awareness of choices available to you and new opportunities for fulfillment of your dream life! Your personal transformation starts from within because inner transformation results in true and lasting growth. We support and inspire you to see your highest vision as an unshakable foundation for genuine and sustainable personal transformation and development. At IDIN Consulting Group, we use a range of assessment tools to help you learn more about your personality, leadership and career aptitudes. The assessment reports allow you to translate your aptitudes, interests, and preferences into personalized career options and targeted jobs. Supported with carefully drafted guidelines and templates, we help you to write resumes and cover letters for your target jobs and our expert career coaches will prepare you for job interviews, case studies and written tests. Concurrently, we work together on strategies to train you for job skills and certifications as well as communication, leadership and people skills required by your dream job.

The Premium Package includes these programs:

  1. Life&Career Transformation Coaching
  2. Career or Business Coaching and Consulting
  3. Job Counselling

Coaching Format:

Interactive Skype


20 Sessions – Each session is 60 minutes plus unlimited emails


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