Job Counselling

Find a Career That Suits Your Personality!

At IDIN Consulting Group, we align your special talents and skills with career options at target companies that engage and attract great talents like you. Talents are the key to companies’ success.

Developing and managing talents for helping you to find jobs that fit your personality and skill set. We take into account the leadership, organizational politics, and culture of the target companies to make sure it fits your preferences. We teach you to position yourself and brand your talents and skills to win job interviews. You learn how to tell compelling stories to align with a shared vision when interviewing for a job. We will break down the basic elements of storytelling, apply them to your target job, and give you the opportunity to practice telling a story about your professional and interpersonal skills.

In today’s ever changing market managing your career has become as important as choosing your career. Selecting the right Career Counselling is an important step towards your success. Our ability to target global opportunities, provide valuable market information, and effectively manage the process of a career search with job Counselling can help you to land on opportunities unattainable without this partnership.

We know Fortune 500s and mid-size companies, and take a custom approach to branding you for your dream job. Also we provide you with knowledge on how to succeed in today’s competitive work environment and to establish long-term, mutually rewarding professional relationships.

Coaching Format:

Interactive Skype


12 Sessions – Each session is 60 minutes + unlimited emails

Job Counselling


  • Identify factors that influence people’s decisions
  • Understand what happens when people grow tired of making choices
  • Determine the limits of influence that companies have on their employees’ choices
  • Understand how to connect your talent brand to target job and organization and sell them to hiring managers
  • Develop more effective negotiation, decision-making, and communication skills relevant to HR processes
  • Gain a diversity of perspectives, learning from business interests and abilities
  • Network and exchange information and ideas with HR practitioners and business leaders
  • Customize your resume and cover letter for the job you apply for
  • Interview case studies and written tests


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