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About IDIN Consulting Group

IDIN Consulting Group is the intelligence engine that drives better decisions about your life, business or career. We transform your life and career to the next level so you make better choices in your personal and professional life.

Preferred by professionals and college graduates around the world, businesses and companies, IDIN Consulting Group delivers the insight you need to develop new strategies, uncover opportunities and make smarter decisions.

With the help of IDIN Consulting Group, you will be able to see what are the drivers in your life that leads you to specific personal and career choices. And the power to uncover meaning in the data you gather about yourself—not only from personality, leadership and career assessments, but from advanced sentiment analysis of your needs and wants.

IDIN Consulting Group core offerings are:

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Who We Are

With an outstanding team of transformation, career and business coaches, business strategists, IDIN Consulting Group, a global consultancy, works with you to transform you into business professionals. Furthermore, our coaches and consultants coach you to become a subject matter expert with leadership and communication skills to excel in your careers and/or start their own businesses.

What We Do

Furthermore, we have a job counseling program where qualified individuals, who have completed the premium coaching program, will be groomed for well-paid and demanding jobs in these industries:

  • High Tech
  • Computer Programming
  • Information Technology
  • Project Management
  • Mobile Technology
  • Insurance
  • Biotech
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Business Management

We have coached people all around the world to optimize their professional expertise, communication proficiency and performance through leadership programs, webinars, coaching programs, strategic business marketing, team building, presentations and workshops as well as personality, career and leadership assessments.

Career Coaching & Business Consulting
Specialties - IDIN Consulting Group


1- Life and Career Transformation Coaching

  • Power
  • People Skills
  • Negotiation
  • Influence
  • Leadership ImpactPower
  • People Skills
  • Negotiation
  • Influence
  • Leadership Impact
  • Business Plan Development
  • Business Financing
  • E-Business
  • Positioning and Branding Candidate’s Professional and Special Talents
  • Coaching Qualified Candidates for Job Interviews
  • Customizing Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Engineering
  • Health Law
  • MBA
  • Finance
  • Health Science
  • Law
  • Executive Management
  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Women in Business
  • Executive Leadership and Management
  • Healthcare Executive
  • Education
  • Biotech
  • Mobile Industry
  • Information Technology
  • Business and Technology Management


We believe and have confidence that every college graduate has special talents and burning desire to excel in their profession, career and business. We foster a supportive, intimate and fun environment to take them on a journey to a purposeful, passionate and exciting career.


We transform college graduates into business professionals through dynamic strategies and proven processes. Working with world-class seasoned business executives with diverse experience and proven leadership, College graduates will get the cutting edge exposure to information, training and insight that will benefit them on their path to success.

Job Counselling
Business Coaching and Consulting - IDIN Consulting Group


We aspire to provide the highest quality coaching and consulting programs to advance and prepare college graduates for life, work, business and leadership positions. Achieving these aims depends on the sincere efforts of coaches and business consultants as well as college graduates contributions by engaging directly in learning and core activities pursuant toward their success and achieving their goals.

We owe it to one another to uphold certain basic values of our company. These include:

  • Respect for the rights, differences, and dignity of others
  • Honesty and integrity in all dealings
  • Conscientious pursuit of excellence in one’s work
  • Accountability for actions and conduct in our interactions

We embrace these values to create and sustain an environment of trust, cooperation, lively inquiry, and mutual understanding which all of us share.

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